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Jim Breuer at The Paramount

Jim Breuer

The Jim Breuer Residency: Comedy Stories And More The Paramount

Huntington, NY

October 13, 2018

For over a year, Jim Breuer has been doing a monthly residency at The Paramount. The Jim Breuer Residency: Comedy Stories And More is a one-man show featuring stories, comedy, musical improv, special guests and oh so many surprises. Breuer is the first, and currently only, comic to have a residency at the Huntington, NY theatre.

On Saturday, October 13th, the Long Island-born and bred comedian brought his special brand of insanity to Huntington. The audience was filled with a large number of his die-hard fans and many fans who hadn’t yet been to the venue to see Breuer riff on his love of the Mets, his hatred of the Yankees, his love of old school heavy metal and his family life.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member (1995-1998) took the stage following a short but funny set by comedian Bryan McKenna. As in past performances during the residency, following McKenna's set, a video displayed on the giant televised screen. Breuer encouraged his audience to refrain themselves from videotaping the show, and talking on their cell phones. He promised a fun evening of laughs, stories and music.

When Breuer appeared on stage he immediately began talking about baseball and his beloved Mets. He acknowledged that this year’s team had some serious issues ad that the fanbase was in need of therapy. He then began talking about the Yankees and the recent loss to the Red Sox in the AL Division Series. His glee when talking about the Yankee loss was very evident. He even described Aaron Judge, the Yankees most-beloved player by saying, “Everytime I see him, he reminds me of Herman Munster.”

Breuer told various stories and did comedic bits that included a spot-on impersonation of Ozzy Osborne, a story about moshing and riding the crowd in the pit at a Metallica concert 9back in the day) and how it was almost like getting to a fight. Breuer, for those who are unaware is the designated opening act for Metallica’s North American WorldWired Tour. Now backstage at a Metallica concert is nothing like things were in the early days. Breuer stated that now there is a Yoga Room, a Meditation Room, a Massage Room and more. He wistfully said, “It’s very new age, now. Nothing like what it was back in the day…” Breuer also made mention of the rumor that members of Metallica would be appearing at the show. He said, “I hope you didn’t fall for that rumor,” and that all one had to do is “look up their tour itinerary on the Internet to know that they are playing a festival in Austin tonight.”

He also talked about his wife and Jesus and how she has recently become religious. He also spoke about the legalization of pot. He said that his wife feels that if he smoked pot that he bought legally in Colorado, it would be like cheating one her.

In the second segment of his show, entitled "Stories," Breuer invited his childhood friends, Gene and Phil, on stage, where they shared stories from the past, accompanied by his acoustic guitar player, Stevie Brown. He told a story about joining Billy Joes on stage at Madison Square Garden to do his impersonation of Brian Johnson of AC/DC while singing “You Shook Me All Night Long” backed by Billy and his band. Breuer punctuated his story about the genesis of the event by announcing that not only was he scared out of his mind, but “you can go to YouTube to see it.” He then showed the audience the gift that he had received earlier that evening. It was a picture of him performing with Billy Joel signed “To Jim, Cheers! Billy Joel.” This also brought up his friendship with Brian Johnson, who he described as “the funniest guy I know.” Though Johnson is hysterical, Breuer said, he is wildly inappropriate. The examples he gave were hilarious.

He also told a very funny story about playing a show with Metallica in the Dakotas. The concert venue, he said, was attached to a wedding hall. Breuer actually brought the bride and groom on stage at the Metallica concert where they danced to Abba’s “Dancing Queen” as played by the mighty Metallica.

During the show, Breuer explained that he would be holding an audition for an additional opener for Metallica at the end of the show and that the audience would be the judge as to whether or not the local performer had the chops to handle the opportunity. Breuer stated that the singer in question had told him that he could take any song and make it “classic” metal. When the “singer” finally appeared he sang a rockin’ metal version of the Gilligan’s Island Theme.” Of course the singer was Breuer and of course, it was not only hysterical but very good.

Breuer took his final bows wished the crowd a safe trip home and was gone. As quickly as it began it was over. It was obvious that everyone in attendance had a great time as the sea of people leaving the venue all had smiles on their faces. Breuer was fantastic. He blended storytelling, side-splitting comedy and music offering those in attendance a chance to get away from it all, relax and enjoy themselves.

Photo Credit; Christine Connallon

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