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Are You Happy Now Makes Us Very Happy

By Christine Connallon

Surprisingly charming, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW from first time filmmaker David Beinstein is a must-see. This indie gem, written and directed by Beinstein is the story of Adam (Josh Ruben, PLAN B, WEREWOLVES WITHIN), who is madly in love with Gina and wants to marry her. Gina (Ismenia Mendes, Orange is the New Black) is not sold on the concept of marriage. Watching her own parents’ marriage fail as well as being categorically opposed to outdated notions like husbands owning their wives in the past, Gina moves past her intense angst against the institution and finally agrees to marry Adam, who has fallen into the role of a man-child. Are they doomed?

Add sibling rivalry, family dynamics, workplace dysfunction and lots of chicken, you have the dark anti-rom com ARE YOU HAPPY NOW. This film has something for everyone and packs a few emotional sneak attacks along the way.

Catch ARE YOU HAPPY NOW on digital platforms everywhere.


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