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Dave Matthews Band Plays His Annual Summer Show at Jones Beach

By Christine Connallon & Mike Perciaccante

Every year, Dave Matthews Band plays Northwell Health at Jones Beach Amphitheater. Die hard fans turn out in record numbers to enjoy a cathartic jam session without an opener: just a few hours of quality time with the man himself and his talented band.

Nearly every year on the day that Dave Matthews Band tour bus rolls into Jones Beach, the skies open up and rain christens the whole area, in a pre-show cleansing. This year was no exception, but only a tiny spritz hit the ground prior to the show, although the ominous clouds painted a threat that never came to fruition.

Instead, the sold out crowd vibed and grooved to an electric performance that only Dave Matthews and company can give. Check out our gallery below.

Photos by Christine Connallon


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