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Robbie Williams Special Vinyl Reissues

By Mike Perciaccante

Robbie Williams fans rejoice! The multi-million selling British singer has reissued his first two solo albums, Life Thru A Lens (Capitol Records, 1997 & 2021) and I’ve Been Expecting You (Capitol Records, 1998 & 2021) for the very first time in LP format. These two vinyl reissues are also available in extra special vinyl versions. In addition to the standard black lacquer, Life Thru A Lens is available in white vinyl and I’ve Been Expecting You can be purchased in aquamarine vinyl.

These two newly released vinyl versions of Williams’ debut and second solo releases were remastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and have been pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl. The vinyl reissues are offered with gatefold covers that faithfully recreate the original CD album art, and, as a special bonus, download codes are included with the albums.

For the uninitiated, Life Thru A Lens was Williams’ debut solo album released following his departure from Take That. It is a Britpop tour de force (most notable for its Oasis influence), representing a clear departure from the very poppy Top-40 influenced music of his previous band. The album spawned three Top-5 hits on the British singles chart — “Old Before I Die,” “Angels” and “Let Me Entertain You.” In addition, Life Thru A Lens was the source of Williams’ Top-10 single, “Lazy Days” and his Top-15 single, “South of The Border.” It entered the British charts at #11 and slowly, but steadily worked its way up to #1. The album’s success cemented his status as a bonified solo superstar. At present, Life Thru A Lens has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

Williams second solo album, I’ve Been Expecting You was one of the most highly anticipated releases of 1988. Upon its release, it entered the U.K. Albums Chart at #1. It was Williams’ second consecutive chart-topping album. It also returned to the top position in January 1999 and again in February 1999. Considered by many to be Williams’ masterpiece, I’ve Been Expecting You includes the smash British #1 singles “Millennium” and “She’s The One” as well as the Top-5 hits, “No Regrets” and “Strong.” The album has been described as being a more mature and somewhat more diverse version of Life Thru A Lens. As of this writing, I’ve Been Expecting You has sold over five million copies across the world.

It should be noted that songs originally released on both Life Thru A Lens and I’ve Been Expecting You were compiled into 1999’s The Ego Has Landed (Capitol Records, 1999), which served as Williams’ first full-length album released here in the United States.


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