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The Only One: A Romantic Adventure Through the South of France

By Christine Connallon

To live a life of sheer adventure and travel or listen to your biological time click letting you know that your opportunity to have kids is calling? That is the question at the heart of Vertical Entertainment’s The Only One.

Set in a breathtaking vineyard in the south of France, Tom (Caitlin Stasey) arrives much to the surprise of her ex David (Jon Beavers). The last time the couple saw each other; Tom was heading out to buy cigarettes and never returned. David, nursing a bruised face and ego after a night of defending his girlfriend’s honor, is left confused by her sudden departure. Now, he’s as surprised to find her in his kitchen, with barista skills to help him master a fancy coffee maker. With his sister Em (Blake Lindsley) and brother in law Rob (Hugo Armstrong) on site, helping him with his social media for the vineyard, the romantic feelings the couple left behind rise again to the surface.

Why is Tom there? Is it to grab her last chance to settle down and have a baby with the only man she’s ever considered for domestic bliss? And when David questions his own backbreaking labor of winemaking and the routines he has fallen into, where does this leave the two? On a rollicking journey to rekindle their love of adventure, but for how long?

The Only One will take you on a delightful ride, thanks to the talents of the Brothers Gilbert: Seth penning the film and directed and produced by first time filmmaker Noah. Catch The Only One in select theaters and On Demand everywhere starting December 10th, 2021.

Trailer Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment


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